Feature Film

Up to 180 minutes (Including Titles) (All Genres, Categories & Themes)


30 Seconds to 5 Minutes (Including Titles) (All Genres, Categories & Themes)


5 Minutes to 25 Minutes (Including Titles). (All Genres, Categories & Themes)


25 Minutes to 60 Minutes (Including Titles). (All Genres, Categories & Themes)


Maximum 60 Minutes including Titles. (All Genres, Categories & Themes)


Maximum 20 Minutes including Titles. (All Genres, Categories & Themes)

  • Films without English Subtitles will not be considered for selection. For Hindi, Marathi, English, Silent or Musical Films/Videos subtitles are not mandatory.
  • Multiple films can be submitted, kindly fill the separate entry form for each film.
  • Films submitted with Watermarks or Logos will not be considered.
  • Films Download link with Password is preferred; DVDs or Blu-rays are also accepted as hard copies.
  • If submitting hard copies, two full HD DVDs/Blu-rays should be sent by courier to the Festival office, and the entry form should be duly filled online. DVDs must be labeled with film title, Duration, Director Name, Producer/Production House name with their phone numbers and email ids.
  • Director photograph, Poster, Making Stills, Film Synopsis, and Payment Receipt must be attached with the email.
  • Submissions coming from other countries than India, the packages must be marked as “For Festival & Cultural Purpose only, No Commercial value”.
  • ICAFF does not pay screening fees to film makers.
  • ICAFF will not return the Films submitted online or video DVDs during or after the festival.
  • Censor certificate is not mandatory.
  • ICAFF reserves the rights to include the film and related material for promotional activities of the festival.
  • All Decisions made by the Appointed “Selection Committee” regarding Selections, Screenings, Awards at the Festival will be final. In case of any Dispute, decision of the Festival Director is Final & will be Binding to all.
  • The film makers and their representatives undertake to use the official Logo and the Status of their Selection or Award strictly in conformation with ICA 2023 designs and they further undertake to use such festival logo in all their promotions, posters and marketing publications with the consent of the festival.
  • Film which are received to the festival does not run in competition automatically. Juries will select the films which feature in Competition.
  • The Organizers – ICAFF will not bear / reimburse any Freight/Courier or other charges.
  • Once selected for screening, the film can not be withdrawn.
  • Last date of submissions of Entries is 31st October 2023 and Nomination List will be Declared on 30th November 2023.
  • Only film produced from 1st January 2016 to till date can be submitted.
  • Female Filmmaker Category is Only for those films which are directed by Female Filmmakers. (Female Directors Photo and Bio needs to send though Email, Without Documents film will be not Eligible for this Category).
  • If you are submitting in Students Category, Kindly Mail Your Photo and Valid Id Card of your Institute on [email protected]  (Valid Id Card is Mandatory) (if the documents were not valid for Students & Female Filmmakers Category then filmmaker need to pay the Difference amount ).
  • Flat 50% off Till- 31 October 2023
    Fee – 750/-
  • Share your Posters link which is send by Festival Team
  • Ask your Friends to go to the link and Like your Film poster
  • 1 Like = 1 Vote
  • Winner will be decide by  Maximum Likes
  • Likes will be Count till : 30th November 2023 (Midnight)
  • Kindly Share the link. (Do not share the Facebook post)
  • Only Likes will be counted which is on Official Festival Page
  • Winner will get Cash Prize, Trophy and Certificate